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How To create Calls & Photo reminders without opening Cortana on Redstone Builds


With Windows 10 Mobile Redstone 1 aka Anniversary update Microsoft has been aiming to make Cortana more and more internally integrated to the OS. For example, now it has become quite easy to crate reminders not only for missed / rejected / received call from Call History but also from the Action Center. Even better you can now share an image directly from Gallery or Photos app to Cortana to create a Phtoto reminder. Cortana appears in the sharing options for any image when you long press on it.

Creating Missed Call / Call Reminders:

You can go to Call history and long press on any of the calls to get context sensitive menu. Now tap on Remind me to create Cortana reminder.

Or go to Action Center and expand the missed call notification to expose Remind me. Now tap on this to create Cortana Reminder easily.

Call reminders Redstone

Creating Photo Reminders:

We have demoed Photo Reminders creation in our hands-on video of Windows 10 Mobile Build 14322, but you needed to go to Cortana and do it from there.

But now with latest Redstone Builds you can just go to gallery, open any image and tap on share button to get the sharing options. Cortana shows up in sharing options and when you tap on it you directly go to Photo Reminder creation Cortana screen, as can be seen in the second screenshot below.

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