In this article we are bringing to you five latest N9 hacks/apps from various sources which will be very useful in further harnessing the potential of beautiful and powerful meego device N9.

Organiser Feed:

new notifications feed feed settings

This is coolest N9 calendar apps/hack which integrates calendar to homescreen.

  • It makes the icon on the launcher screen reflect today’s date.
  • The second part of the program adds your forthcoming events to the notifications screen, which is really useful.

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With ContactLaunch you can put your most-used contacts onto your home screen, so you can get in touch with them without having to go through the address book every time. If a lot of your phone use is contacting the same few people, then it really cuts through the palaver of making a call or sending a text. This is the only paid-for item in this list. It costs £1.

contactLaunch contactLaunch_launcher

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Swipe Manager:

With this app you can manage your swipes. You can simply decide what swipe direction means what. if you want a left swipe to take you to the launcher, and right to take you to the task manager, then you can have this, or the reverse, and the same with upwards and downwards.

swipe manager

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Home Screen Background Settings:

Home Screen Background Settings is a cool app/hack , which allows the user to change the 6 homescreens (3 portrait, 3 landscape). All you need to do is install this application, start it, choose the background image for the home screen and apply!! Your phone’s home screens will be filled with colourful backgrounds once the phone restarted. Some more from the source,

Before you install this application, please make sure you undo all settings you have made previously (undo guide is available here). Make sure you have at least PR1.1 on your phone (because I’ve only tested it on PR1.1 and PR1.2).Up to 6 home screens background is supported (provided you’ve enable landscape mode). Background selection should be painless as all you need to do is select the image you wanted as background with the embedded gallery view.You can set all the home screens background default on the first page of this application or set selected home screen background as default by press on the image and enter the gallery view.Please note that you need to click on the “Apply” button to enable the settings which the application will prompt for restart. You can also restart manually to enable the background settings.For the best view, please choose backgrounds with 16:9 for landscape view and 9:16 for portrait view. The resolution of the background image should be at least 854×480 for landscape and 480×854 for portrait. Please make sure the wallpapers are in PNG format as this is the only image format supported.You can save the wallpapers in your Pictures folder, the gallery embedded in this application will automatically crawl your home folders for PNG images.

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This is a Twitter client for the N9. Being a QT app it is very fluid. Performance wise faster than the native client, both in connecting to a network and retrieving tweets, as well as in Composing Tweets, Timeline, Direct Message, Mention, Search and Options.

The app is still in development, so it’s not available in the store yet. You need to click the source link for downloading it.

Google Projects source link