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Just updated to Windows Phone 8.1 (Lumia Cyan)? Here is your guide to Nirvana!!


Lumia-Cyan-update_featLumia Cyan has started rolling out and it brings both ( Windows Phone 8.1 OS update + Lumia Cyan Firmware update ) packed in one. Here, we have tried to answer you most common queries regarding this update.

1) You will ultimately get the Lumia Cyan firmware update, if you are on Windows phone 8.1 developers preview for now. In case you have BitLocker encryption enabled, you may need to roll-back to Windows Phone 8.

2) The Lumia Cyan is rolling out device by device, it seems. Most of the regions including US have received the update simultaneously for Lumia 625 and Lumia 925. Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1320. You can track it here or better follow our coverage.

3) For checking the update manually go to Settings —–> Phone update—–> Check for updates.

4) Lumia 810 is not listed to get Lumia Cyan firmware update, but you can still enjoy the benefits of Windows Phone 8.1 using developer preview.

5) We have made a big playlist of videos covering Windows Phone 8.1 for you. What is more awesome is the fact that apart from hands-on demo these video have “how to” tips and tutorials as well.

6) For catching everything about Lumia Cyan and Windows Phone 8.1 which includes:- Full Changelog, Hands-on demo videos, Tips, Tutorial no better place than our dedicated Lumia Cyan and Windows Phone 8.1 page.

7) Cortana is limited to US region only for now. It is going to China, UK as Beta and coming to India, Australia and Canada as Alpha with Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 update for developer preview devices.

But if you live in other regions and want some Cortana love, here is your tutorial or you can watch our video tutorial too. I have Cortana on my Lumia ( living in India ) since the time I got Windows Phone 8.1 on it and never faced any issue.

Part Two of this “Guide to Nirvana” series covers “Tips & Tutorials” which will help you in getting most out of your Lumia Cyan ( Windows Phone 8.1 ) update experience. Must read!!

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