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Jolla deviceJolla has started pushing out the fourth Sailfish OS update, since the time Jolla device went on sale. They have named this update “Ohijärvi“. The update brings many new features, as well as many visual and performance improvements. Camera seems to be one of the major beneficiary of this update with new features like tap-to-focus, ISO, Exposure, self-timer etc. It also brings landscape mode support in email, messaging and Notes app. There are many major improvements and new features though and you need to go through the ‘new features’ and ‘Improvement changelogs lists’ below,

New Features:

  • Landscape mode in Email, Messages and Notes apps
  • Two-way sync for google calendar
  • Self timer, tap-to-focus, view finder grid, exposure and ISO settings in Camera
  • Renewed Jolla Store experience
  • Export/import backup data using memory card
  • New options under Settings
    • Share internet connection via WLAN tethering
    • Transfer contacts via Bluetooth (using SyncML protocol via Settings->Apps->People->From device with Bluetooth). Currently supported devices: N9, N900, N950, Symbian devices
    • Gesture orientation lock [Settings->System->Display]
    • Call barring option [Settings->Apps->Phone]
    • Setting to enable installation of untrusted software
    • The Other Half ID visible [Settings->System->About Product]
    • Option to select enabled keyboard layouts
  • Ability to backup/restore notes
  • New Exchange ActiveSync policies introduced (lock time, minimum lock password length)

How to update:

If your Jolla is connected to WLAN network, an OS update notification should pop up shortly. If you just can’t wait, you can manually trigger an OS update check as follows:

  1. Open Settings app Go to System Settings -> About Product
  2. Pull down the pulley menu and select ‘Check for update’
  3. Once an OS update notification is received, tap on it and follow the instructions.

Do __not__ reboot the device while the OS update installation is in progress. The process takes up to 10 minutes. During the update, the device screen might blank out. You may awaken the display by a short press on the power key to monitor the progress. When the upgrade has completed successfully, you will see the LED light up red before the device restarts.


Disable all openrepos before initiating the update

If you do have OpenRepos enabled on your device, disable all of them before you do the upgrade. Otherwise there’s a high chance of your device getting broken. Read important-steps-to-do-before-updating post for more information.

We have implemented disabling of additional repositories before system updates with this release. This will come into effect next update onwards.

Full Improvements Changelog:

Highlights of improvements

  • Fixes several issues causing spontaneous reboots on the phone
  • Fixes issue on WLAN connection freezing the UI
  • Resolved several cases causing homescreen restart with green/red LED blinking
  • Improves memory card handling
    • Mounts multiple partitions from memory card
    • MTP now shows the memory card, and works with iPhoto on Mac
  • Even slicker UI and higher performance, thanks to optimisations in the graphics stack
  • Improves memory usage via app wallpaper optimisations
  • Fine-tuned touch parameters to avoid accidental taps and gestures

UI improvements

  • More prominent pulley menu indicator
  • Adds background gradient to Sailfish panels to clearly differentiate them from application area
  • Decreases the intensity of the cover action dimmer gradient
  • Improved glass effect on Sailfish Silica components such as switches, sliders, progress bars and page indicators


  • Bluetooth sync requests can now be cancelled
  • Improved user experience and error handing during Jolla account creation
  • Enabling developer mode when there is no Jolla account configured now gives an error message
  • Enabling developer mode now asks for device lock code if it has been set


  • CVE-2013-2116, CVE-2014-0092, CVE-2013-1619 fixed for GnuTLS
  • CVE-2013-4353, CVE-2013-6450, CVE-2013-6449, CVE-2013-0169, CVE-2013-0166, CVE-2012-2686 fixed for OpenSSL


  • Unlocking the device now presents the last viewed app if unlocked within 10 seconds of locking the device
  • When the device lock is enabled for the first time, it also sets the automatic locking period of 10 minutes by default
  • Indication in the app grid for the apps currently being installed
  • Updates status indicators when they are partially visible too
  • Uses glass background in Switcher
  • Adds press effect to launcher items
  • Indicates top blank screen gesture on home more clearly
  • Bounces the view up when user taps on the lock screen
  • Introduces glass texture background to app covers
  • App close-icon scales and works with orientation changes
  • Reduces cover action triggering distance for easier access

Store client

  • Renewed landing page for store client
  • Change logs and project URLs are now seen in the details view for app updates
  • Highlights comments from the app developer
  • TOH is now detected properly after the startup wizard has been run


  • All Gallery albums now support landscape mode and display consistent behavior
  • GIF images are now displayed in gallery
  • Allows controlling video playback with a bluetooth headset
  • Minimized application cover for gallery app in the home screen now supports displaying a single item (for example, a photo or video clip in full screen mode when the app is pushed to the background)


  • Ability to select multiple mails to delete from the main view
  • Ability to ‘select/deselect all’ mails
  • Ability to forward attachments with the mail message
  • ‘Reply to’ address now visible in the email info view
  • Fixed an issue related to last sync time in the app cover
  • Fixed an issue that caused wrong folder name to be displayed in some situations
  • Several performance improvements
  • Improvements in the mail attachments handling

Exchange ActiveSync

  • Improvements in MIME support for older versions of Exchange
  • Improvements in contacts and calendar synchronization
  • Stability improvements


  • Updates browser engine to Gecko29
  • Supports web pages with iframes
  • Fixed context menu content layout in landscape
  • Improved tab grid scrolling performance in cases where there are many tabs open
  • Fixed issues in tab previews having wrong screenshots
  • Fixed issue in loading external use before first use of browser
  • Fixed context menu closing to use fade transition
  • Fixed an issue where unnavigable URLs (e.g. mailto) was stored to history
  • Added labels to tab page
  • Added fade transitions between tab page modes
  • Fixed an issue in sending key events to numeric text fields


  • Allows immediately calling again after an ongoing call has ended/disconnected
  • Fixes audio feedback loop issue during an incoming call when the headset is connected
  • Allows pasting phone numbers to dialer


  • Keyboard now resets back to the alphabetic view and autocaps after the message has been sent
  • Clearly highlights currently selected message type in “Change type” combo box


  • Fixes an issue where the device reboots when two processes try to access camera
  • New app cover
  • Camera zoom now displays zoom level as a slide indicator


  • Call phone numbers and open links from a calendar entry
  • All day event support
  • Automatically sync calendars
  • Fixes issue where only the first occurrence of a recurring event was displaying notification
  • Fixes day names for Russian language
  • Today’s day is now rendered in bold text
  • Hour page is more discoverable
  • Fixed event not deleted when remorse timer is active and changing active day
  • Improves UI layout in the event creation view

Virtual keyboard

  • Improves background and fonts in the keyboard


  • Displays remaining time while setting an alarm

Media player

  • Large album art now displayed in album view


  • People app now provides a more accurate representation of contacts, correctly separating personal/work labels, and detail type information
  • Improvements to VCF import reliability
  • Links between SIM contacts and other contacts are no longer lost when flight mode is activated

Known issues

We are continuously working to improve the quality of the software on your Jolla. Some issues may take longer to find permanent solutions. Therefore, we have listed below a few workarounds for the most prevalent issues.

  • Google account periodically signs out and displays “Account needs sign in” message in the Events view.
    • With this update, it should occur less frequently than before, but not completely fixed. In the meantime, if you face this issue, please re-login to your account.
  • Intermittent disconnection/connection to WLAN access point
    • Disabling Bluetooth in such cases has been known to improve the situation.
    • Still, there are a few rough edges to iron out, especially when both WLAN and mobile data connections are enabled.
  • Apps do not rotate even though Orientation setting is set to Dynamic.
    • This issue rarely occurs. In the event it does, rebooting the device helps.

Source:  Jolla