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Lumia 950 / XL to have on-screen touch buttons. Lumia 840 coming by end of the year



If a latest tip from someone with knowledge of Microsoft Mobile’s marketing plan for upcoming Lumias has to be taken into account, we can share three important tidbits with you. Just want to make it clear that this will be the first time we are reporting a tip from the source, though we can confirm that source is indeed genuine.

Lumia 840 does exist and while we were the one to report first and confirm later that it has not been cancelled, the source tells us that Lumia 840 will be here by end of the year after the flagships have been announced and released to market.

Now not so great news. On-screen touch buttons that as many as 44% of our readers reckon as a possible deal-breaker may be there on all three devices: Lumia 840, Lumia 940 and Lumia 940 XL.

As we said above, we are reporting for the first time from this source, but knowing the source, it is hard to ignore the information, as it has very high chances of coming true.

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