Asha 305 has caught attention of prospective customers already in India, a huge market for feature phones and Nokia traditional. We have reported earlier that Asha 305 was introduced without much fanfare and consequent official launch came along with Asha 311 few weeks later. But in between it seems to have caught the fancy of Nokia fans and according to a report it is sold out in many stores in Delhi, the capital of India.

According to our sources in Delhi, the Asha 305 sold out in several stores soon after its debut… even before the marketing campaign kicked in. Is it a coincidence that major Asian newspapers like The Philippine Star and Singapore’s The Sun Daily describe Nokia’s new Asha models as “smartphones”? No. Nokia has done its very best to dress up its cheap new feature phones as something far more aspirational — to the extent that devices like Asha 305 are now widely depicted as smartphones across Asia and Africa. This is a critically important maneuver.

Sounds sweet and lauunch of Asha 311 should only make it sweeter 🙂