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We saw this when Nokia connects tweeted the link of this article and naturally, I went to check it out :). So, professional photographer Dave Wares has taken two Lumias, Lumia 920 and Lumia 925 for quite a spin and has returned really impressed with what cameras on these two can do outdoors and indoors. According to him, these are one of the best smartphone cameras ever and won’t disappoint as the only camera with someone.


Not, only this he has done a mini comparison of these and says Lumia 925 takes much sharper images than Lumia 920 and handles image processing in a much better way. Even the ISO range up to 3200 on Lumia 925 is a big advantage according to him. Seems, the new six-element lens and Amber update on Lumia 925, really make it a superior camera.

The real treat is to go through the gallery of images posted by Dave in the article. Some of the indoor images are truly awesome!!wp_20130706_155



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