In a bizarre accident in Finland, construction entrepreneur Steve Pyykkönen’s Lumia 920 got under 24 ton Caterpillar and got buried half meters under rocks in the mine in Finland. To his surprise when Steve called with his friends’ phone to his to lumia, they heard it ringing under ground. The  frame was bent and display fragmented but it was still fully working, a testimony to Nokia phones’ super-build and overall material quality.

One of the hyväkuuloinen the guy heard it ringing below ground. People began with a six-man digging the rocks of the point. From there, it was found half a meter below the ground.  A bunch of surprise was great, because the phone was revealed almost as up as new, even if the frame was bent and display fragmented. The only fault was that it played to someone, so the call was not able to break itself.  Pyykkönen took the phone for repair. Yes they there wondered. Said, that could mean you are trying to fix, but it would be a certainty, would it work. I bought a replacement, when it turned out to be so robust.