A new report, this time from analyst firm IDC, claims 5th vendor rank for Nokia Mobile in Rugged smartphones. The Q3 2021 report again belongs to the European market.

As one can see in the featured image above, Nokia Mobile has 4% Rugged smartphones market share in Europe in Q3 2021. This image was posted by an IDC employee citing Nokia XR20 as an example of Rugged devices that look exactly like normal smartphones.

Reports from other big analyst firms like Strategy Analytics have similarly confirmed strong performance for Nokia Mobile in European markets in Q3 2021. Nokia Mobile ushered into a significant revenue and ASP boost in Q3 2021 and the operating margin touched its highest ever for the company.

A strong shipment growth in the European market seems to be one of the key drivers of this Q3 boost for Nokia Mobile. As we reported earlier, Nokia Mobile is the 5th top smartphone vendor in Europe with a 31% growth in shipments.

The report further reveals that while Nokia Mobile was 5th top vendor in Western Europe with 4% market share, in Central & Eastern Europe it doubled its smartphone market share for a 2% market share.

We recently reported about Nokia Mobile registering strong growth in smartphone shipments in Q2 2021. A Q2 2021 report from the analyst firm CounterPoint research claimed that Nokia smartphones shipments grew by 36% in the second quarter of 2021 compared to Q1 2021. Another report revealed that Nokia was 4th top smartphones brand in the Nordic countries in the second quarter of 2021.