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Imaging shootout: Lumia 925 vs SGS 4 vs HTC One vs Lumia 920. Lumia 925 declared “best all-round camera phone on the market”.


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Recombu has pitted Lumia 925 against two Android heavyweights SGS 4 and HTC One and also its elder sibling Lumia 920 in a quick and impressive daylight and low-light comparison. They have posted comparison of the crops as well.

In daylight according to the comparison SGS 4 delivers most detailed image followed by Lumia 925. Lumia 920 ends last here, which seems kind of surprising as Lumia 920 with its latest software version has delivered much detailed images than this in 808 vs N8 vs Lumia 920 imaging comparison done by us. And even the Lumia 920 vs Lumia 925 comparison shows the daylight imaging difference is not so much. So, may be the Lumia 920 used in shootout is not updated to the latest Firmware version. Anyways, full credit to Nokia for adding that sixth lens to Lumia 925’s camera.


Anyways as soon as one heads to low-light comparison, Lumia 925 takes the crown followed by Lumia 920, HTC One and SGS 4 finishing last.

So, no surprises here as Lumia 925 is crowned the “best all-round camera phone on the market” a title which may be in danger in coming months from its brethren only.  But, till then Lumia 925 will deliver the goods in whatever conditions you use it.


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