Pocketnow has compared Lumia 920’s Purevie camera with HTC One’s ultrapixel camera in moderate to very low light conditions and has posted the side by side comparison crops as well. Most of the times Lumia 920 outperforms HTC One in capturing visually sharper and more natural looking images, while HTC One images have some reddish tone in images lacking sharpness.

While in most of the cases even reviewer agrees to Lumia 920 performing much better in capturing images, the conclusion drawn by the reviewer lacks clarity. Though in comparison done by other reviewers we have seen Lumia 920 clearly outperforming HTC One in all conditions !!

Pocketnow has also done a 1080p video capture comparison and according to them Lumia 920 captures better video footage as well.

The Lumia 920′s footage is definitely cooler and somewhat crisper, and its auto-exposure is less severe in its shift as the bright lights of the train give way to the more muted illumination of the platform during the pan.

HTC Video:


Lumia 920 video:


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