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Latest IDC tracker for Vietnam reveals the rising of Windows Phone as potential contender to Android for smartphone market share. Based on largely the local strength of the Nokia brand in Vietnam, Windows Phone has grown from 6% OS share in Q2 2012 to 15% OS share in Q2 2013. This has resulted in a quarter on quarter growth of 119%. According to IDC, this growth has been driven by strong uptake of Lumia 520.

Windows Phone 8 made strong gains in the Vietnamese smartphone market, by posting a growth rate in Q2 2013 of 119% compared to the previous quarter. While this growth comes off a small base compared to Android, Windows Phone has risen from 6% OS share in Q2 2012 to 15% OS share in Q2 2013, largely from the local strength of the Nokia brand but also Microsoft’s investment in the local developer community.

Daniel Pang, ASEAN Research Manager for Client Devices at IDC Asia/Pacific comments, “The strong uptake of Nokia’s Lumia 520 has really helped Windows Phone 8 to drive Vietnam’s smartphone market. If Nokia can maintain a strong emerging market portfolio, it may be able to continue to differentiate itself from themass of low-cost vendors.”

Do you also have this feeling that Nokia Board has given up at a time, when things  have really started moving for Nokia and Lumia.

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