HTC Hima WindowsWell, Upleaks has got some credibility when it comes to leaks featuring HTC devices. Now, they have posted above road-map or list of upcoming HTC devices. Good news is that it has two upcoming Windows Phone devices or variants on that list: HTC Hima for Verizon and AT&T.

HTC Hima is rumored to be next big Flagship from HTC and is rumored to have great specs and the latest chipset Snapdragon 810.

Snapdragon 810, 2.0 GHz quad + 1.5 GHz quad


5-inch 1080p display

20.7 MP rear camera

Front camera 13MP or UltraPixel 4MP


While it looks like a great news, it won’t appear before late next year, if we take into account Windows 10 Phone timelines. And worse, it may not be available outside US, just like HTC One for Windows. Hopefully, we will see a flagship from Microsoft Mobile in first half of 2015.

Thanks HTCLover27 for the tip. Cheers!!