It seems HTC Hima (Android version) will be announced soon, as HTC has sent press invitations for a 5th January CES event.

B6At5hYCAAAREOAWell, we are interested in HTC Hima because an earlier leak claims a Windows Phone version of the device just like HTC M8 One for Windows. And for Windows Phone users, it will be a much welcome Flagship with cutting-edge specs. Coming to specs, a screenshot from AnTuTu Benchmark has revealed that it will be a beast in both processor as well as camera department. It will sport a Snapdragon 810, 13 MP FFC and 20 MP rear camera. It will pack 3 GB RAM, but surprisingly HTC didn’t opt for higher than 1080p display resolution.HTC HimaWhile it looks like a great news, it won’t appear before late next year, if we take into account Windows 10 Phone timelines. And worse, it may not be available outside US, just like HTC One for Windows.

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