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HP Elite X3 gets Anniversary update + new Firmware update. Enables Fingerprint scanner & many new features


HP Elite X3 users have started getting Anniversary update OTA and one can use WDRT to update too, as the update is available via WDRT too. The Anniversary update and a new firmware update is available now for HP Elite X3.

Apart from the Anniversary update changes and new features, the updates brings lots of goodies. Fingerprint scanner works now. Double Tap to Wake Up is available now with new sensitivity options.

The Anniversary update Build available for HP Elite X3 is Build 14393.189. You can read our Build 14393.189 coverage including hands-on demo and review by clicking here. In case you are already on Build 14393.189 or higher you will just receive the firmware update for HP Elite X3.

Read our Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary update review and massive changelog + hands-on demo of changes vs Threshold by clicking on the links below.

Anniversary update Review (Video too)

Anniversary update Massive changelog & Hands-on demo of new features vs Threshold

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Thanks to Ron, Dan & many other for the tips. Cheers!!

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