Latest Update:

Latest official version of WhatsApp is compatible with Nokia X, Nokia X2, Nokia XL & Nokia X+. No need for workarounds anymore. Click here to install it on your devices.

Whatsapp nokia x

While we have provided you workarounds for using WhatsApp on your Nokia X devices and both work in their own way. Having a chat thread enables one to open WhatsApp from Fastlane and WhatsApp+ is as good as WhatsApp. However, there is one more way to use the original WhatsApp without much hassle.

Here is what you need to do. Install WhatsApp on Nokia X or Nokia XL and go through the full procedure of verification and when it gives you the error of “your device is not supported“, just add the WhatsApp widget to your homescreen.

Press any icon on home screen———> Go to widgets———–>Select the WhatsApp widget.

Once the WhatsApp widget is pinned to homescreen you can tap on top of it to use the WhatsApp. Remember tapping on icon will still give you “your device is not supported error”.

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