We just reported about an offer on all editions of Nokia Steel that lets you enjoy 20% off the official price. But this is not the only offer on Nokia Health devices and Nokia has announced more Holiday 2017 deals on its health devices.

If you bundle two or more Nokia Health devices you will be offered 25% discount on the official pricing for all the products in the bundle. In fact, Nokia has already made some example bundles available on its Nokia Health site. Click on the link below to check the bundled deals and make bundles by yourself.

Keep in mind that you won’t get discount on Nokia Steel HR, if you select it as part of the bundle. You will still get 25% discount on other products in the bundle with Nokia Steel HR.

Bundle deals link

We are just listing few of the bundles available at Nokia Health site and the discounted bundle pricing below. As mentioned above you can make your own bundles by adding two or more products. The bundle deals will be available until December 26.

Body Cardio + Steel Limited Edition – US$ 269.93

BPM+ + Thermo – US$ 172.43

Body + Steel – US$ 142.43