HMD’s Nokia mobile support app icon is all set for a major design overhaul. The CPO himself on the Nokia community website has asked users’ to vote for their favorite icon. There you have four design options to choose from and obviously, they are all different from the existing one.

“We are working on developing our app. Part of the project involves introducing a new icon. And this is where you guys come in. We have a few designs being put forward (see picture), and we want your help to decide which direction to follow! I personally have a favorite, but before we do anything internally, I wanted to know your thoughts” wrote Juho on Nokia community.
One of the things that annoy fans about HMD is the Nokia mobile support app. Fans have been complaining about the functionality of support app for long. Now that the company is finally taking the app seriously or at least some of the recent moves suggest so, we hope that the company’s support app in the coming days will be as supportive as the earlier Nokia.
What’s your thought on the present day Nokia mobile support app? What changes do you want to see? Do Let us know in the comments below.