An image shared by KaiOS Technologies Facebook page has given rise to a very interesting yet controversial possibility. As one can notice in the image above there are three smart/feature phones running KaiOS and the middle one looks bit odd.

The middle one looks like a smartphone and on top of that it resembles to a legendary smartphone. Yes, we are talking about Nokia N9, the smartphone with a much-celebrated design. So, what does that mean?

Is HMD really planning to bring legendary Nokia N9 back but with KaiOS and not Android? The question is why would they do anything like that. If they really want to do so, using Android OS would perhaps be the natural choice. After all Nokia N9 design language was used by Nokia and Microsoft for some beautiful looking smartphones and HMD can really create a flutter by bringing Nokia N9 with Android Pie.

But another possibility is that with KaiOS, HMD may be working on to even emulate the “Meego UI”. With most of the Nokia smartphones coming with Android One branding it may be possible with only KaiOS to provide a custom-made Swipe UI.

HMD CPO Juho today teased about the big MWC 2019 launch event and just like MWC 2018 where they announced re-birth of Nokia 8110 4G we may see Nokia N9’s re-birth but with KaiOS.

Thanks to Vito, Tito for the tip. Cheers!!