Florian Seiche, the CEO of HMD Global (Nokia Mobile) has resigned. He announced his decision of leaving his role and seek out of the company on LinkedIn. This comes as a surprise, given this kind of high-profile attrition not being announced through corporate channels.

Usually, such decisions are planned well in advance so that someone is already at helm before announcement is made. We will have to perhaps wait for press releases from HMD Global. Here is what Florian Seiche posted on his LinkedIn profile.

I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved at HMD during the past 6 years. Now it’s time for my next chapter as I am leaving my role as CEO of HMD.
I want to say thank you! Thanks to all the extremely committed and talented HMD employees, to my leadership team, the HMD board of directors and shareholders. A big thank you to all our strategic partners and our strong global network of customers. And a big thank you to our consumers and fans for their love, loyalty and insights.
And what a journey it has been. Together, we have continued to innovate and clearly lead the global feature phone market including many much-loved iconic Nokia “Classic” designs. Our efforts across our unique Android smartphone and tablet proposition focused on realizing our vision of ‘Connecting the world without costing the earth’
Our successes in taking smartphone leadership position in South Africa in 2021, winning strong smartphone market position in UK and USA markets, as well as the Enterprise and Services segments are also key milestones, all delivered with great commitment, creativity, and execution from our teams.
The recent launch of Circular, our sustainable subscription service which has been designed to reward users for keeping their phone for longer with sustainability at its core, demonstrates that we are innovating with purpose across the entire smart phone line up. As I embark on my next chapter I wish HMD every success for the future. #hmd #android #nokia #qualcomm #google #thankyou