Nokia 2 hands-on 1

It was a big signal that Nokia 2 won’t receive Android Pie when HMD had announced that it was not able to run Android Oreo as smoothly as Nougat. But Nokia 2 owners were still hopeful that perhaps it may get Android Pie like all other Nokia smartphones including the entry-level Nokia 1.

But as common sense suggested Nokia 2 doesn’t have the hardware to run Android Pie properly and for that reason won’t even get any other OS upgrade offered. This has been confirmed by HMD community employee “Laura” in a reply posted in the forum.

So, Nokia 2 remains the only sore spot for HMD’s claim of upgrading all its smartphones to Android Pie. Perhaps they can learn a lesson here about making smartphones that are future-proof, and more so when “Software updates” are one of the key value proposals of Nokia smartphones.