hikehike messenger has received a new update for Widows Phone Devices. The new version is 2.9.5. The latest update adds Sticker Shop. Also this is the last update for update for Hike on WP8 devices, WP8.1 devices will continue to get future updates.

hike messenger Changelog:

After 7,389 lines of code, 329 crates of Red Bull & 128 various clearances and approvals later we are thrilled to announce (Drum Roll) the Grand Opening of the Sticker Shop!!! \o/

You can now download over 150+ sticker packs with over 4000 (Nope, that is not a Typo) stickers!!

In other news, this will officially be our last update on hike for Windows Phone 8.0. We would request our hikers to update to Windows Phone 8.1, it’s awesome!

Shoutout to our hikers on Windows Phone 8.1, we are literally 1/2 way complete with the new hike!

Install Link

via wmpoweruser