Two very interesting bits, fresh from latest leaked Windows 10 build, Build 9910. Lumia exclusive “Hey Cortana” feature has made its way to Windows 10 on Desktop and we can safely expect it to be present on Windows 10 Phone version, as it now is an OS wide feature. This also kind of confirms that it will be available for all the devices, as it is now present in normal settings. This is not surprising though, as Microsoft had talked about understanding “broader desire”.

For those unaware of it, “Hey Cortana“ is passive listening feature coming to select Lumia  devices for now with Lumia Denim update. Read more about the Cortana changes seen in Windows 10 Build 9901 here.

Windows-10-CortanaSecond interesting byte is about Windows Phone to Windows Mobile renaming. As per an image posted on Twitter by @leonzandman, it seems Windows (Phone) 10 in fact may be called Windows Mobile. Life comes full circle for some!!

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