image002HERE, Nokia’s Location arm has a new monetization target in sight. HERE is bringing its location intelligence to Billboards. So, based on its location analytical, it can tell advertisers which Billboard location may give them best ROI. Not only it tells advertisers how many eyefalls the Billboard may get it may also tell them about how or when the area where the Billboard is planned gets busy. Further developments may allow advertiser even know about which phone user in a particular area are using and can help in determining their economic status. Check the video below.


There is one and claimed to be the only one app, LocalEvents for exploring local Facebook events and tracking who all are attending it. We are covering it here as it is powered by “HERE Maps”, but all Windows Phone users may try this app, which exactly delivers what it promises.

LocalEvents Beta is the ★ one and only ★ app that helps to discover Facebook events, explore where friends are going and easily manage all of your free-time activities. Get ready and change the way you find, share and talk about Facebook events!

Key features:

– Discover Facebook events: concerts, parties, conferences, sports events and tons of other good reasons to be with friends. Thousands of new cool events added each week.
– Explore, where your friends are going: specify where, when and with whom you want to go out or just look through the most popular events.
– Share and invite, invite and share: find the right company in a few clicks. All of your friends are already here, so just go on.
– Keep your plans under control and don’t miss out: receive invitations and reminders of upcoming events on time.

LocalEvents link