Its been a while since the Lumia Icon went live and here we have the Battery test from GSMArena. GSMArena is said to do some intensive testing on the devices and hence their numbers are usually the best matches to the real-life performance in the hands of other users.


GSMArena doesn’t seem impressed with the results as Lumia Icon’s battery only managed around half of what the Lumia 1520 manages with a battery that is 1000 mah bigger than the Icon’s 2420 mAh. Following are the various results that GSMA published:

  • 3G Talktime – 14 Hours and 15 Minutes.
  • Web Browsing – 5 Hours and 17 Minutes
  • Video Playback – Seven Hours and 34 Minutes

In the end, it achieved an endurance rating of 40 Hours. This means that the phone is expected to require a recharge after 40 hours if it is for an hour of 3g calls, video playback and web browsing, everyday.

As they point out ”It’s pretty obvious that it’s not the best the smartphone can manage. Nokia should act quickly to identify that issue that causes the battery drain and fix it as soon as possible”. I hope Nokia really looks into this as one of their priorities.