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GSMArena has posted preview of Asha 501 and they are impressed with the pocketable beauty called Asha 501.


Though it is going to be the low-end device in new Asha 5XX series of devices but with beautiful design and the new Asha user-interface it has won many hearts. GSMArena too concludes,

The phone is intuitive to use and extremely friendly“.

The Asha 501 does so convincingly – the design is more akin to the Lumia¬†520 than to the cheap gloss of the older Ashas. The refreshed user interface is an important part of that too. Nokia’s insistence on calling the Asha series smart bordered on embarrassing but it finally looks like the Finns may have a point after all.

Nonetheless, it’s a very credible package – good-looking, durable and well-behaved. We’d gladly take it for another spin and will be keeping an eye on the Ashas to come. There’s definitely good value to be had there.

GSMArena has also posted some sample images from Asha 501’s camera and a user-interface video demo. Click on the source link below for reading more.


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