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Recently we have been seeing a lot of additions to our what use to be lacking windows phone store.  In just the last week instagram and vine sent their official apps to the store, and as of today we had another third party snapchat hit.  These are applications that windows phone has been lacking for a while now.

We have all noticed the growth of our windows phone platform and it has had 3 billion app downloads to this point, which is great news.  Windows phone 3 billion downloads still looks very minuscule compared to iOS’s 60 billion app downloads.

Windows phone is bringing in 10 million application downloads everyday(on average), which also averages out to around 300 million a month, the math isn’t to difficult.

Now I have some serious numbers for you: Monthly application revenue is up to 181% since the release of Windows phone 8.  Also within the last year, application download have jump to a ridiculous 290%.  This doesn’t change the fact that windows phone is still considered small, but she(windows phone) is increasing at a good pace.

I know all the numbers you just saw above have you a little wide eyed, but that still does not change the size of windows phone.  But windows phone toughest market still remains its own home town, the United States, which is a big revenue source for any mobile OS.  Windows phone growth in the U.S will not only help the app numbers, but bring in more developers.

Windows phone sales rates have exceeded the 100% mark over the last couple of years, but this is also due to the platform size when it all started, but those numbers still indicate the solid growth of our beloved platform.  The numbers are good but still not good enough total wise to challenge Android and iOS.

Lets face it Windows phone 7 was not what was going to one day be called “the fastest growing OS’, but windows phone 8 has gained that title, and microsoft is definitely headed in the right direction.  They also have found a mobile OS that has people making that switch over slowly but surely.  I am looking forward to seeing windows phone continue its upwards climb in the cell phone market.

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