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Grey Lumia 925 comes as exclusive to CarphoneWarehouse in UK. Why Nokia’s new exclusivity strategy makes sense!


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Nokia’s new product strategy in UK seems to be (much welcome) based on color or internal storage exclusivity rather than full device exclusivity to a particular operator or carrier. O2 has white as exclusive, Vodafone has 32 GB variant as exclusive and now CarphoneWarehouse has lapped up perhaps the hottest Lumia 925 color, Grey as exclusive.


This is really good strategic rethink and may be endless rants by buyers and fans like us may have made them change their mind. Also, Lumia 920 sales prospects suffered a lot due to this, so that feedback may have also mattered. So, this makes Lumia 925 available at all major carriers and retailers, yet helps Nokia strengthen support with a particular carrier or retailer.

What next? Follow similar strategy in US market as well. It doesn’t make sense when someone wants Lumia with Xenon flash and can’t have it on AT&T or T-Mobile or someone in love with Aluminium body and camera of Lumia 925 can’t have it on Verizon.

Anyways, below is the CPW order link for Grey Lumia 925. Free wireless charging case and wireless charging mat offer is available with Grey as well.

Lumia 925 link

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