Nokia’s quarterly statement indicating Lumia sales decline from Q3 to Q4 and now Joe Belfiore claiming record activations during this holiday season, with month over month increase, has led to some confusion. The truth lies somewhere in between these two it seems. We will bring two more evidences into picture.

Google Trends data shows spike in Lumia search interest exactly on 25th December, slowly losing steam afterwards. This may again indicate record Lumia activations during the peak holiday time.

Google trends

Adduplex’s Alan has pitched in with his own deduction, based on data for the full year 2013 and it again shows Q4 registering highest growth in terms of new users.


This may simply mean that Nokia’s record shipment in Q3 made a part of record Windows Phone activations in Q4. So, while shipment in Q4 may show decline, as mentioned by Nokia in its report, record number of Windows Phones were sold to end users during Q4 with sales peaking up around 25th Decemeber.

This also indicates not so good Q1 2014 in terms of end user sales, which should not be a surprise as first quarter is considered as a seasonally weak quarter. Even Google trends data shows decline in interest post Christmas.

Thanks TS for the tip about Google trends data. Cheers!!