Google Photos has started receiving a new video editing experience. With the new video editor Google Photos will be able to crop, change perspective, add filters, apply granular edits like brightness, contrast, saturation and warmth to videos.

The new video editor has 30 controls. It will be rolling out to most of the Android users in the coming weeks, as per Google’s blog post. Google has demoed the new video editor in a GIF video that you can see below.

Google One members are also being treated to new enhanced photo editing features. Features like Portrait Blur and Portrait Light are coming to Google One members.

With Portrait Blur you can blur the background of photos, and with Portrait Light, you can improve the lighting on faces in portraits. Both these features can be used for photos just taken or images from the past.

With today’s update, Google One members can also apply Blur and Color Pop to even more photos of people, including those without depth information. Google One members will also have access to filters like Dynamic and Sky suggestions.

Portrait Blur and Portrait Light, along with Dynamic and sky suggestions, will roll out to Google One members over the next few days through the latest Google Photos app on Android devices. (Your device will need 3GB RAM and run Android 8.0 and above; learn more).