Goodridge-NokiaGoodridge (A globally recognized leader in Fluid Transfer Systems) joins the long list of corporates choosing Nokia Lumia devices for their corporate use and like many others, they are also switching from Blackberry to Nokia Lumia. What is interesting here is the fact that Nokia provided Goodridge with a trial under its “company trial switch project” and the good feedback from users has made them finally go for Lumia. Here is the video testimonial from Goodridge,


Some nice words from the customer,

“Because of all the functionality that comes with the Nokia Lumia, users saw the move to Windows Phone 8 as a breath of fresh air. It allows greater communication between members of staff.” says Alex Nagy, an IT Engineer at Goodridge. “It’s handy we don’t have to worry about things like antivirus due to the closed nature of the Windows operating system. Nokia Expert Centre has also been a great help, assisting us on the Lotus Notes email support and other business solutions, making the switch easy and painless.”