The Windows Phone app which has gone free next as myAppFree game of the day is Smart Battery Suite – Boosts, Optimizes and Saves! MyAppFree selects and tests each day hundreds of applications to suggest only the best apps and games available in the Windows Store. Download it now and save money.

About the app

REVOLUTIONARY APP TO BOOST BATTERY! Extending battery life has never been this easier before, Smart Battery Suite keeps your phone battery in good health and saves battery juice When you need it during TRAVELING, CRITICAL situations such as you forgot to charge your battery, you forgot your charger and you aren’t having access to charging plug. Must have app for all windows phone mobile devices! Best Battery app for windows phone!


➢SMART POWER BOOSTER: One-Click POWER SAVER on home screen instantly BOOSTS battery.

➢SMART- PRE SET MODES: 4-Smart battery saving modes to assist you in critical times Default Saver, Normal Saver, Super Saver & Instant Saver!

➢ACCURATE STATUSES: in detail battery status to keep you informed about current battery power condition Battery Remaining Time, Battery Capacity, Consumption Rate, Time Since Last Charge & Time Req. To Full Charge the battery)

➢BATTERY ALERTS: 3 notification types for low, draining and full battery.

➢ONE-CLICK INSTANT OPTIMIZATION: tell you how much time you will gain or lose by turning off/on the feature. Select and close features you are not using by simple one-click shortcut to gain battery time.

➢1 TAP TOGGLE SHORTCUT BAR: One-Click shortcut bar on home to access features ( Air Plane Mode, WI-FI, Bluetooth, GPS, AUDIO (off), Cellular Data Connections, Email settings and Lock Screen )

➢REMAINING TIME CALCULATIONS : Displays battery run time for 2G talk time, WI-FI browsing, Music Playback Time, Video Playback Time and Standby Time)

➢HEALTHY BATTERY: App assists to maintain a Healthy Battery. A Full-Cycle Charge should be performed once a month. We log each instance that you perform a Full-Cycle Charge – Partial-Cycle Charge and Over-Charge. All report is easily viewable using calendar view

➢BATTERY EFFICIENT GRAPHS: Graphs to monitor battery efficiency

➢BATTERY CHARGING CALENDAR: Maintains history of charging (how many times you partially, full or over charged the battery during any particular date or during the whole month ) Easy to pick up any date on Calendar view to show complete charging stats

➢BATTERY TIME LOG: Also Maintains Recent 48 hours LOG of battery power status with time and power stats.

➢DEVICE INFO : Device name, Total memory, Hardware, Firmware and App usage details

➢4 COLORFUL THEMES : theme changes according to power status of battery

➢LIVE TILES : Beautifully designed Live tiles ( medium and wide both included ) put battery conditions right into your start screen.

➢CHARGING WALLPAPER: screen shows when plugged-in!

➢WEATHER FORECAST: in detail weather report with clean simple interface!

➢SWEETEST TIPS: for battery maintenance easily understandable tips with screenshots and shortcuts to phone settings.

➢DEVELOPER SUPPORT: Our team listens and respond to your queries instantly!

So why are you waiting ? Grab the deal now.

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