It is important to stay organized especially in business or school for some of us.  DocuSign Ink is an application that helps you organized your documents, and that is the simplest way I could put it.  I will copy all the features this app packs below so you can see what it is capable of.

• Sign - You can sign any document for FREE directly from your device – no pen or paper required. Supports multiple formats (Microsoft documents, PDF, images, and more).
• Send - You can electronically send documents out for signature and manage the documents you send. Your recipients will receive an email inviting them to sign electronically.
• Store – Access and store all of your documents instantly and securely in your DocuSign account and SkyDrive. 
• Secure & Legal - Choose the solution trusted by banks and law firms. DocuSign eSignatures are safe, secure and legally binding. All documents are encrypted and include a tamper-proof seal and complete transaction history. 
• Manage Signature - You can create, edit, and manage your unique electronic signature and DocuSign identity.
• Track – View and track sent documents, in flight documents, and follow up on completed documents. With the windows live tile you can see your critical document status directly from your home screen.

Anyone that deals with documents period needs this application.  It also has live tile compatibility so it can keep you updated on your document status.  Click HERE to download


DocSign Ink.