GDrive.NET gets updated with UWP app support meaning now it is availble for both Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile. The latest update also brings many new features such as auto-upload, SlideShow view for Pictures, ability to remove permissions and more.

GDrive.NET Changelog:

now it’s possible to drag&drop whole folders on PC to upload

thumbnails resizing, faster, tons of fixes

 Windows 10 PC version

  ability to auto-upload photos

 dark theme, bugfixes

UI refinements

Windows 10 Mobile version

ability to open Google Docs in browser, configurable images quality

in-app changelog

 fixed ads positioning

 fixed sorting on shared page, under-the-hood improvements

 settings fixes

 added slideshow mode for viewing images


Those who dont know about this app can check out the features below:

  • list files in google drive
  • download from google drive
  • sharing files
  • automatically upload photos to cloud
  • upload to google drive
  • revoking permissions for files
  • slideshow mode for viewing images
  • checking storage info

Thanks Mateusz Piasecki for this tip!!!!!!

[appbox windowsstore 9nblggh3rm3r]