Free appWe have MyAppsFree, which brings us one free app daily, but many times these free apps are not the big names ( or most desired ones). Now, a new app named “Free Market” lets you download free version of premium apps by searching across the various Windows Phone stores. The concept behind this app is developers making their apps free for some particular region at a given point of time.


With Free Market you can download paid apps for free without paying a cent!

How does it work? Developers can choose different prices for their apps in different countries. So a paid app for you, may be free in another market. We search among all available markets to see if there is a free version of the app. Then you will need to change your region temporarily to download it free. So easy peasy!

We will add paid apps with free versions to the start page. You can find apps with free versions too.

You can check our tutorial on how to change region and download application not available for your region for changing region and installing the free version of the application.

Installation link