We have been covering Lumia WP8 phones release and sales performance market by market, and think our readers like that :). So, how is Lumia 920 faring in terms of sales performance in France in present quarter. Answer is: Really impressive, if top selling charts at both operator “Virgin Mobile” and retailer “PhoneHouse” are some indications. It is one of the “5 Top selling” phones at Virgin Mobile as shown in the above screenshot.


At Phonehouse where Black, White and Red came back to stock and jumped to the top of best-selling list, Red Lumia 920 has sold out now. But Black and White Lumia 920 are still sitting on the top holding 2nd and 3rd ranks.

So far, so good !! Demand really seems to be as good or better as we have seen in Q4 2012 and Supplies are certainly much better than Q4.

PhoneHouse Link

Virgin Mobile link