Folders ProThe Windows Phone app, that has gone free for limited time as myAppFree  app of the week is Folders Pro. Folders Pro is one of the best File managers available for Windows Phone and even comes with exclusive password protection feature. Here are the deal details.

Standard Price: $1.49

Bonus last until: 8/01/2015 00:00 (London UTC) – Approx 36 hours

Folders Pro details:

Folders is a featured file manager app for Windows Phone Store. It is the most secure, easy to use and professional file manager, with a simple, fresh and beautiful UI.
★ Exclusive Feature: true password protected and secure folder! Store and hide your files in an encrypted and protected folder for more security. Your files are not accessible without your password in other apps or when the phone is connected to a PC.

★ Main Features:
✓ Move, copy, paste, rename or delete any folder or file.
✓ Encrypted and hidden Folder. Store your personal files in the secure folder so they are not accessible without your password in other apps or when the phone is connected to a PC. (
✓ Move very big files easily!
✓ Move or copy a folder with all of its subfolders and files.
✓ Search for a file or folder on your phone!
✓ WiFi file transfer! share your files with other connected devices to your WiFi network, easy and fast.
✓ QuickPlay Support. for a better experience we have separated the media player and now you can play your video and songs directly with QuickPlay app.
✓ Share a file or a folder with its content via bluetooth, as email attachments or with other various apps.
✓ Image viewer with pinch and zoom and slide view.
✓ Have OneDrive as another folder just with a tap. No need to insert your email, or remember your password! All operations are also supported.
✓ Nice and clean UI, smooth animations and enjoyable User Experience.
✓ Open files with default apps, or with other selected third party apps.
✓ Pin a folder to start screen for quick access.
✓ supported SD Card with all possible operations. You can move files between your phone storage and SD Card.
✓ Files and folders properties. detailed informations about photos like date taken, latitude, resolution etc.
✓ Custom Theme: In addition to the default color, you can choose your phone accent color.

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