First look at this screenshot which revealed names of 4 handsets unknown to us. Nokia 305, 306, 311 and 605. Only one thing is known from the screenshot that all these devices are small-sized.

Now, coming to what we know more about one of the devices  revealed above. Yes, Nokia 306 is confirmed to be RM 768 , and may be the first full touch S40 device. Check the screenshot below for pictures and technical data.

It is a full touch device. Some features suggest that OS of 306 is not Symbian and  it seems to be one of the Asha 300, 302, 303 series of devices. It might be what Nokia thinks is one of the devices for connecting next billion. It might run S40 or Meltemi or may be an acquired OS by Nokia called “Smarterphone”.

The OS supports multiple home screens, the status menu at the top of the screen, and a usual Symbian/S60 symbolic. However, the virtual keyboard from the recent Symbian keyboard seems to be different. Also, Screen resolution is (240 x 412 / 416) which indicates the series 40 OS .

Other Technical data:

  • Network: GSM + GPRS
  •  Touch screen -2 Soft keys (calls + end/power)
  •  Camera (?) (Megapixels)
  •  Bluetooth
  •  Wi-Fi (b/g Standard)
  •  MicroSD
  •  MicroUSB
  •  FM radio
  •  AV-Out
  •  Battery: Nokia BL-4U (Li-ion, 1110 mAh)
  •  Charger: Nokia AC-11
  •  Charging socket: 2 mm + MicroUSB
  •   SAR: 0.69 W / kg

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