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“Finland has been cheated by Microsoft” says Finnish Finance Minister

398079-nokia-and-microsoftWith the announcement of cutting over 12500 jobs, Microsoft did please investors, but local authorities in Finland are highly displeased. Out of the 12500 employees which will be losing their jobs, a lot are working in Finland and their losing the jobs directly affects the country’s economy.

Finnish paper Kauppalehti reports mentions that the Finance Minister of Finland, Antti Rinne is both upset and angry over the layoffs that were announced.

This is, of course, Nokia and Microsoft trade. But when the deal was made, Microsoft announced its commitment to Finland in Finnish know-how. Now, it seems that all parts of this are not met. From this point of view, I presume that the company will build a bridge from job to job, with employees from now on.

He is definitely right as when the acquisition was announced, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer did say that new acquisition would mean that the Nokia teams would “stay largely in place, geographically”. This indeed did not happen.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Microsoft becomes a company of hate by the Finnish population. The sales of iPhones and Droids would surely grow.


Narender Singh
Student of Business, but tech still remains the topmost interest. Nokia fan for life and has been using Nokia phones since my first phone. Starting with a Nokia 1200, present is a Symbian and future will surely bring a Lumia :) Also played with droids, but still ♥ Nokia. Blog at and here at NPU. Write to him at Email: [email protected]
  • Ballmer said geographically in same place, and they have kept their commitment they didn’t transfer anyone anywhere.

    Nokia team in finland or anywhere are not transferred, layoffs is a separate issue. I am not aware if Microsoft ever made any commitment about no layoffs. Even had Nokia not done Microsoft deal, these layoffs would have come. As Nokia wanted to scale down devices and with deal or without deal even Nokia would have scaled down devices, gone licencing on a bigger scale and focused on networks and mapping. For any one who has gollowed Nokia keenly over last few years this should be obvious.

    One commitment Ballmer did make in addition to keeping teams at same location was to set up data center in finland for Europe.


    • Pekka

      Microsoft is closing the whole R&D department at Oulu, Finland. This is not geographical commitment that was promised by Ballmer.

      I know that people at Oulu region are pissed, including me. A lot of people here will not buy Microsoft products anymore. My next phone is Jolla or Android with zLaúncher.

      • Martin

        Buy a jolla. Android feels like the windows XP of mobile.

      • prbist2014

        Series 40 and Asha development can not go on forever. Be realistic this is business and so they lost the job. Very standard. Also Nokia is a stupid company that blows billions on unnecessary bridge no one does that give 3 months salary and say good bye.

        • Pekka

          Android development can not go on forever so goodbye Nokia X? Microsoft decided to throw away all the profitable parts of Nokia and left WP that is not making money. Does not sound business to me.

    • “stay largely in place, geographically” I am not a scholar. But to what I know, it means they will stay in place with geographically mentioning everywhere. So yeah “Stay mostly in place, everywhere”. I think the comma there justifies it.