398079-nokia-and-microsoftWith the announcement of cutting over 12500 jobs, Microsoft did please investors, but local authorities in Finland are highly displeased. Out of the 12500 employees which will be losing their jobs, a lot are working in Finland and their losing the jobs directly affects the country’s economy.

Finnish paper Kauppalehti reports mentions that the Finance Minister of Finland, Antti Rinne is both upset and angry over the layoffs that were announced.

This is, of course, Nokia and Microsoft trade. But when the deal was made, Microsoft announced its commitment to Finland in Finnish know-how. Now, it seems that all parts of this are not met. From this point of view, I presume that the company will build a bridge from job to job, with employees from now on.

He is definitely right as when the acquisition was announced, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer did say that new acquisition would mean that the Nokia teams would “stay largely in place, geographically”. This indeed did not happen.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Microsoft becomes a company of hate by the Finnish population. The sales of iPhones and Droids would surely grow.