apdateThis is bit surprising!!

Extras+Info has been updated and as per reports, most visible change it brings is to change the Firmware name from Lumia Cyan to Lumia Denim. I can’t confirm it, as the Extras+info update is not live yet for my Lumia 925 and Lumia 830, which just received Extras+info update comes with Lumia Denim firmware pre-installed.

But Lumia 820 users are sharing screenshots with Lumia Denim, so may be it is the case. The only possible explanation for this “strange update” is that “Lumia Denim” firmware roll-out may be very near as reported by our sources and this Extra+info build, may have been pushed by mistake.

1013784_735031643231693_3771581970612000866_nLumia Storyteller has also been updated and it has some significant changes to show.

– Select folders for Storyteller content
– ‘No music’ option for story videos
– Long press for context menu
– Improved offline support for maps

 Extra+info link

Lumia Storyteller link

Screenshot link

Thanks Ritwick for the heads-up!!