Lumia 8309 front NPUOut of three new Lumia device families that were first spotted in Adduplex, we have exclusively reported about Lumia 435  and Lumia 532 (RM-1069, RM-1070, RM-1071) and these are official now. We have also reported exclusively about Lumia 1330 / Lumia 1335 (RM-1062, RM-1063, RM-1064, RM-1065) details.

One device family that we haven’t reported much about other than what we knew from Adduplex data is RM-1072,  but that’s going to change now. Here is what we have learned about this device.

RM-1072 may be launched as a low-cost Lumia 830 alternative and will have a 8.7 MP (may be PureView) camera and 8 GB storage. Other specs are similar to Lumia 830.


We can now confirm that the device will have a Dual-Sim variant too and may be priced around USD 275.

Have a look at all the details below.

5-inch, 720p display



Quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor

8.7 MP rear camera ( May be PureView unit from Lumia 920 / Lumia 925)

0.9 MP FFC

8 GB internal storage

MicroSD card support

RM-1072 has already passed certification in Indonesia and we will keep a keen eye to share anything more that we come to know about it.

Do tell us, whether you would be interested in this device if it comes with similar pricing to Lumia 730?