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Exclusive: Evidence that Lumia 1330 (RM-1062) has 14 MP camera & confirmation of other specs


Lumia 1330 GFXBenchSo, we exclusively reported via our sources that Lumia 1320 successor that may or mayn’t be called Lumia 1330 (RM-1062) will pack a 14 MP rear PureView camera and a 5 MP FFC.

Now, we have some evidence in form of a screenshot from GFXBench listing of RM-1062 sent to us by “Kesh29”, that shows that the device in fact has a rear camera with a max image resolution of 4176*3120 = 13 MP. This means it will at least pack a 14 MP camera sensor.

The listing also confirms a 5 MP Selfie camera, Adreno 305 GPU, Snapdragon 400 CPU (Quad-core, ARMv7) and a 720p resolution 5.7-inch display. It will have 1 GB RAM and don’t get confused by that 0.38 GB RAM shown in screenshot. That indicates available free RAM and if you have used GFXBench app on your Windows Phone you will know it. Click here to see how, Lumia 1020 RAM is shown as 825 MB by GFXBench.

We have also seen it passing certification in US and the FCC certification revealed that it will have both Dual-Sim RM-1067 and Single-Sim variants. It will also have wireless charging support with a new unreleased back cover. While RM-1062, RM-1063, RM-1064, RM-1065 were first found in Adduplex database.

You can read all about Lumia 1330 (RM-1062) specifications, confirmed markets, price at our dedicated page.


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  • Gavin

    Windows Phone 8, especially 8.1, is like Windows Vista. It needs a lot of RAM to function smoothly.
    In my opinion, 1 GB should be the minimum acceptable spec for any WP handset.
    2 GB should be the standard, 3 GB is good.

    My experience with Nokia 925 (WP 8.1) is very unpleasant: loading…, loading… and I hate it more when Internet Explorer closes all of a sudden, when I am browsing (and I have no other backround app running, no music, no maps, etc.). Moreover, I seldom use more than 6 tabs on IE… its tab management is frustrating to use.

    On the other hand, my Sony T2 Dual is buttery smooth. I open a lot of tabs on Chrome (like 12 tabs), and the free RAM is 400 MB upwards. It never gets below 400 MB. Not to mention that Chrome’s tab management is very pleasant to use.

    • Kamal
      • Gavin

        Thanks for your suggestion, Kamal.

        Unfortunately, from my own experience, no reset, restart, etc will fix the problem.
        At one time, I wonder whether it’s because of Power Saver mode. I disabled it, and the problem persists.

        Even my Nokia 920, just freshly flashed to Cyan, exhibits the same problem. So it’s clearly WP’s RAM management problem.

        I should add that this problem happens more often when watching YouTube (mobile), not the desktop version.

        • Kamal

          My Internet explorer never closes itself on any of the Lumias, I use and there are four atm with me. I use more than 6 tabs on my internet explorer and I have many videos where I have even compared Lumia 530 (512 MB RAM, lowest-end) with other devices and I don’t see any such issue with Windows Phone 8.1. So, it is a bit surprising to hear.

        • John Smith

          You could send me the phone as a gift, surely I will give it a good home on my pockets…
          BTW, that wasn’t a joke, if you don’t want it, I can take care of it…