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As always evleaks has something to add here. They have mentioned the location for upcoming 22nd October Nokia event as “Abu Dhabi”, UAE. This is actually hinted by the images posted by Nokia in the teaser. You see people skiing in “Desert“. So, Middle East looks much possible and what better place to be other than Abu Dhabi in UAE.BUXiwCbCMAEyM8f.jpg large Now apart from the “Middle East” connection there are three hashtag terms in the above image,

#Blazing: Seems about the blazing performance of Snapdragon 800 powered Lumia 1520.

#Stories: No idea about it. What do you think?

#Innovationreinvented: We know that Nokia is going to call Lumia 1520 as most innovative smartphone yet again. So, after most innovative Lumia 920 it is certainly “Innovation reinvented“.

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