11402991_858153574233169_1165026152816115608_nEvan Blass of Evleaks fame has revealed that as many as Six Lumia devices are upcoming. He claimed this in reply to a follower.

Though we can also vouch for this info as we reported about four of such upcoming mid-ranger to Flagship devices including Lumia 940 and Lumia 940 XL, via our sources. Later Zauba data has revealed a 4.7-inch display device with RM-1127 code and also a qwerty mid-ranger that may be targeted to business users, as per the latest Microsoft’s announcement of a focused portfolio targeting only three focus segments.

Evan has earlier teased four Lumia codenames: Guilin, Honjo, Saana & Saimaa. He has also teased about first Lumia device with front facing camera with flash as coming.