As announced by Nokia officially, ESPN Radio has arrived for Nokia Lumia devices, bringing the best radio broadcasts from across the ESPN Radio universe. It is in fact a fully featured application. Catch all the features of the ESPN Radio below.

  • ESPN Radio brings over 35 ESPN Radio Podcasts and customizable stations to your Lumia.
  • If you are a SportsCenter fan, you can now listen on-demand as the industry-leading sports program is updated every 20 minutes. ESPN Radio also brings live broadcasts of all ESPN Radio stations, ESPN Radio Network and ESPN Deportes.
  • Listen to every game of the World Series, College Bowl Games, BCS Championship game, Wimbledon, US Open Golf and every college football game that ESPN Radio broadcasts.
  • ESPN Radio also shows you the most popular stories in real-time for your listening pleasure and is updated throughout the day. You can give the story a thumbs up or down based on your impression of the article.
  • You can mark your favorite ESPN station, and for each station, you can view what’s on live, what’s being discussed on Twitter and even view the upcoming schedule.
  • ESPN Radio even allows you to listen to shows offline as you can download on-demand audio content.