3D touchSeems, it’s not only Nokia X, Asha and Nokia Feature Phones that will be killed as per the result of Microsoft’s Summer cleaning efforts. Widely reported over blogosphere and now confirmed by our sources, upcoming Lumia flagship “McLaren” which was supposed to come in the fall has been dropped too. The device was supposed to some with 3D-Touch aka hover based interaction and packed with cutting-edge hardware.

What actually is happening is a course correction which has led to some drastic restructuring at Microsoft, resulting in not only 18000 job cuts, but also many projects which seemingly are deemed “unprofitable” in short run are getting dropped. McLaren with 3D-Touch was considered a risky investment after the fate of Amazon’s Fire Phone with similar 3D user-interface failed to get good traction.

What will happen though is Microsoft may bring a slightly bumped up hardware as the fall flagship or there may be no flagship during holidays, which looks like the worst-case scenario. Stay tuned for more on this!!