8bedda7d-e6d0-4063-92e6-4c973843149aPassword management app Easy Password has gone free for limited time at Windows Phone store. You can manage password from smartphone, PC and Tablet by using Easy Password. This app uses AES algorithm for encrypting and maximum security. You can find your passwords immediately and automatically copy and access to related sites.


-Access via a master password of your choice
– OneDrive synchronization of your password also on Tablet and PC using Easy Password Pro (Windows 8)
-Entering password unlimited (full version)
-Auto-Copy password to clipboard without displaying
-Automatic redirection to releted url
-Automatic sending of your passwords on your mail (to also use them on your PC, laptop or tablet)
-Sync with SkyDrive
-Synchronization information into the Live Tile
-Quick Find your password

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