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“Easy Math” goes free as myAppFree app of the day for limited time

d96a4750-35da-42ed-b454-ce1e2eff2bd3The Windows Phone app, which has gone free next as myAppFree  app of the day is Easy Math.

Easy Math calculates volume, surface area, sector area, arc length, and more. This simple app does it all for you and you will find it to save you time too!!!

Easy Math Features:

Easy Math calculates:
-Surface Area (Solids)
-Area (2d)
-Arc Length
-Sector Area
-Pythagorean Theorem
-Right Triangle Trigonometry
-Distance (Between two points)
-Oblique Triangles: This uses law of sines and cosines to solve triangles for you!
-Factors Quadratic Equations: x²+3x+2 -> (x+2)(x+1)
-Finds roots of Quadratic Equations and shows ALL the work – Including imaginary roots
-Synthetic Division
-Prime Factorization
-One Variable Statistics (Mean, median, deviation..etc. Just like a graphing calculator)

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