Lumia-630-635-Windows Phone 8.1And you thought Windows Phone 8.1 leaks were over. Some more tidbits here!!

Dual-Sim Lumia:

You can link phone tiles and can have one Phone Tile , call history , and speed dial for both SIMs . Unlinking phone tiles will again make two separate Phone Tiles , call history , and speed dial for both SIMs .


Cortana is really smart and it can not only handle your orders smartly but also surprise you with some Jibes and offer smarter suggestions. Some of the examples extracted from the SDK query,

“I can’t do this while on a call.”

“You just need to unlock your phone first.”

“your grandpa’s Gramps gramps your gramps’ Grandpappy grandpappy your grandpappy your grandpappy’s”

“Sorry, I’m not getting it.”

“Did you wanna read the message from XXX or ignore it?”

“What was the last part? Did you want to change the title or the time?”

“Voilà, all of your alarms. Tap the one you wanna change.”

“You’ve got a lot going on this weekend. Let me show you.”

“Sunday is wide open”.

“Where’s the location?”

“Oh dear, I can’t change events that have more than one person.”

“The nickname XXX is not assigned to anyone? Would you like to assign it?”

“I can’t play XXX when streaming music is turned off in the Music app.”

“Shuffling your music. Everyday I’m shuffling!”

She can do a hell lots of stuff for you. We have covered many already and here is one more compilation,

You can tell her to remember a contact under a nickname of your choice.
•You can turn on and manage call forwarding via Cortana.
•You can tell her to call a contact on speakerphone.
•When a contact has multiple numbers, she will ask you which number to call.
•You can tell her to call someone via speed dial, and tell her to assign speed dial numbers.
•You can search for mails and messages by saying the contact’s name or by dictating a phrase to search for in the mails and messages.
•She can create reminders. Reminders consist of a text, a date and a time. She can also remind you of something the next time you talk to a specific contact, or when you’re at a certain location. Reminders can be set to reoccur on certain days of the week.
•There’s a phrase that says “I will remind you. You can see it in the Notebook anytime”. So the user will not only have control over what’s in the notebook, but will also be able to view what’s added to it.
•After dictating a message, she will ask you “Send it, add more, or try again?”. This is pretty clever.
•When you get an incoming message, you can say “read it” or “ignore”. After reading it you can say “reply”, “call” or “I’m done”

Some more,

Cortana can show you schedules for specific days, weekends, events between two days, etc. She displays them in different views (week template etc.).
•You can ask her to display or change certain events by saying the title or date of the event (if there are multiple results, she will ask you to tap the one you want to edit)
•In a lot of situations Cortana will ask you to confirm an action, for example she would say “I can add EVENTTITLE from DATE at TIME to DATE at TIME”, then you would have to confirm (probably by saying “OK” or something like that).
•When creating an appointment using Cortana, she will warn you if you have an event scheduled at the same time.
•You don’t always have to say an exact command. If you just tell her to change a certain appointment, she will ask you whether it’s the time, title or location that you wanna change.

If you want to read all that has been revealed about Windows Phone 8.1, from sea of leaks in one place, no better place than our Windows Phone 8.1 page, and it will always be updated!!