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Download official Windows 10 Mobile wallpapers extracted from Build 10162

MSMobile has not only posted some screenshots of Windows 10 Mobile Build 10162 but they were also able to extract the wallpaper pack from the build. There are Nine wallpapers in total, one of which is present as default on latest preview builds like...

Download Lumia 950 & 950 XL Ringtones (all 70) in WMA Format

The twitter account that has earlier leaked the video showcasing the new Ringtones and other tones from new devices like Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL and Lumia 550 has now posted all 70 Ringnones and other tones in WMA format. Click here to download...

Download Lumia 535 local ringtone set & read the story behind “Sounds of the World”

The erstwhile Nokia Design Team and now Phones Sound Design team at Microsoft has now uploaded the latest local ringtones introduced with Lumia 535 to Soundcloud. Apart from these new local ringtones Lumia 535 also has the global 2015 ringtone collection, we have seen...

Download new Ringtones introduced with Lumia 735 / Lumia 730 & Lumia 830

The erstwhile Nokia Design Team and now Phones Sound Design team at Microsoft has uploaded the latest ringtones introduced with Lumia 735 / Lumia 730 and Lumia 830 to Soundcloud. You can download all the new ringtones by following the link given at the...

Advanced Nokia X2 Tool for Google Play installation, Rooting, Recovery with ease on Nokia X2

It seems a new tool created for Nokia X2 makes tasks like rooting, recovering bricked Nokia X2 devices, Custom ROM flashing and even Google Play Store implementation quite easy.  The developer of this tool has posted tool's download link and even couple of videos...

Download Windows Phone 8.1 notifications sounds.

  A folder containing Various Windows Phone 8.1 notification sounds has been posted by an user on Reddit. The notification sounds for Email, messaging, Alarm, Outlook mail, Reminder, Voicemail and Windows Notify exist in the Folder. Some of them are common to Windows notification sounds. Click...

Slack (Beta) for Windows Phone updated, with bug fixes

Slack (Beta) has received a new update for Windows Phone. The latest version doesn't contain any new features, but there are lots of bug fixes. Slack (Beta) Changelog: Fixed an issue where auto-completion would sometimes cause an error Fixed an issue where trying to send a message after...

Dropbox for Windows Phone gets updated, with lots of new features

Today Dropbox for Windows Phone gets a major update to version 3.8, with the latest update the app has been redesigned and received many new features and improvements. What's New in Version 3.8: New design Now you can copy any file or folder  in your Dropbox We renamed Favorites...

Latest Facebook Beta update for Windows 10 Mobile is available for everyone

Earlier last week, Facebook beta for Windows 10 Mobile gets updated for few users. But now the update is available for all Windows 10 Mobile devices. The latest update for Facebook beta bring interactive notifications, new design, new animations, resigned setting page and much more. You...

6tin for Windows Phone gets updated

Popular third party Tinder  app, 6tin for Windows Phone gets updated to version However the latest update is not major but it improves Super-Likes feature on 6tin. 6tin offers some great features: - review last passed persons to like them if you made a mistake or changed...

Candy Crush Saga for Windows Phone gets updated with new levels

Popular puzzle game Candy Crush Saga for Windows Phone gets a new update. The latest update brings 15 new levels. What's new in version 1.62: Time for an ice-cold Candy Crush Saga update! Do you like ice cream? Of course you do! Then you will love Siberian...

Outlook Groups for Windows Phone gets updated

Outlook Groups for Windows Phone has been updated with user interface improvements and new features. The app allows you to engage with your team on the go with an Office 365 work or school account. You also can take part in the latest discussions, share...

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